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IS-011 - Working with an overhead crane

Obtain your IS-011 overhead crane diploma now!


Diploma besacc vca

For the IS-011 overhead crane, Praxis is the right place to go!

The IS diplomas are essential in the petrochemical and port industries.

The implementation can take place on site or in one of our partner centers in Flanders.

Number of days of training depends on your experience and competences.

If you pass, you will receive the official IS-011 diploma!

If your sector or client does not require this specific diploma, please follow our standard overhead crane training or overhead crane certification.

 The purpose of this training is to operate a overhead crane with cable or remote control effectively and safely!


  • Experience or not? Every overhead crane operator is welcome in this training!
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Identification possible on the basis of an identity card, passport or driving license
  • Possession of a medical fitness certificate
  • The participant masters the language of the exams
  • Praxis pursues an active equal opportunities policy. Our exams are open to anyone who meets the conditions, regardless of gender, skin color or religion
  • Exam regulations
  • Checklist infrastructure for on-site training


Overhead crane operators who work with an overhead crane with cable control and/or remote control.


To work in a correct, responsible and safe manner with an overhead crane with cable control and/or remote control.

  • Holding a safety function
  • Operate the device efficiently
  • Be able to report defects and malfunctions preventively
  • Preventing accidents and injuries
  • Prevent damage to products and reduce damage during transport
  • Working safely and dynamically


  • Theoretical introduction (30%) with many practical exercises (70%)
  • Theory exam
  • Practical exam
  • Each successful participant receives the Besacc-VCA IS-011 diploma: working with an overhead crane
  • The test terms and points for attention of AV-004 - Rigging non-critical loads are also integrated in this exam.
  • The diploma is personal, it indicates the risky task for which the participant has succeeded.
  • The diploma is valid for 5 years and is registered online at http://besacc.epyc.eu/diploma.


  • Know the contents of the safety function
  • Know what work permits are and being able to interpret and comply with them
  • Know the basic legislation for a crane operator
  • Know the inspection requirements of lifting gear and lifting equipment
  • Being able to determine, analyze and control risks specific to equipment and space
  • Know the safety regulations
  • Know important concepts related to the construction and functions of the overhead crane
  • Know that there are different types of overhead cranes, with their areas of application
  • Know points of attention for safe load handling
  • Know lifting equipment and lifting accessories
  • Know how to store these materials correctly
  • Know interchangeable striking materials exist
  • Know that there are different lashing methods
  • Know the elements that make up the visual check
  • Knowing what a good lift is: determining the weight, center of gravity, angle of striking and figure of striking
  • Use protective equipment
  • Know how to signal when working with two people


  • Apply safety rules and be able to work accurately
  • Be able to perform and report the daily check of the overhead crane
  • To be able to use the control properly
  • Being able to respect the working height
  • Being able to attach loads correctly
  • Being able to dampen and avoid the pendulum motion
  • Apply gesture signs
  • To be able to make an error-free course (vertical, horizontal and combined movements)
  • Able to maneuver with various loads
  • Able to turn around loads
  • Be able to avoid negative load (cross load, shranking)
  • Be able to estimate distances (vertical and horizontal)
  • Being able to park the crane correctly


We also organize exams for the following high-risk tasks:

WHAT DOES THE LAW SAY?Wat zegt de wet

  • Self-propelled mobile work equipment may only be operated by employees who have received adequate training for the safe operation of these work equipment (Codex boek IV, titel 3)
  • A safety function is considered to be any work station where work equipment is used, where motor vehicles, cranes, overhead cranes, hoists of any kind are operated. (Codex book I, title 4)
  • The purpose of the health and safety signs is to draw attention to objects, activities and situations that can cause certain hazards in a quick and easily understandable way.(Codex book III, title 6, annexes 1-9)

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