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IS-006 - Rigging critical loads

Achieve your IS-006 rigging critical loads licence now!


Diploma besacc vca

For the IS-006 rigging and signalling for critical loads diploma, Praxis is the right place for you!

The IS diplomas are essential in the petrochemical and port industries.

It can take place on your location or in one of our partner centers in Flanders.

The amount of days of training depends on your experience and competences.

If you pass, then you will receive the official IS-006 diploma!

In case your sector or client does not ask for this specific diploma, then follow our standard rigging critical loads or rigging non-critical loads .

The purpose of this training is effective and safe lifting of combined or difficult-to-handle loads.
With the help of chain blocks for complicated constructions or situations.


  • Every lifter of critical loads is welcome in this training!
  • The one day training is a refresher for people who already have an IS-006 certificate
  • The two-day training is a full training that everyone can participate in
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Identification possible through an identity card, passport or driving license
  • Possession of a medical fitness certificate
  • The participant is fluent in the language of the exams
  • Praxis has an active equal opportunities policy. Our exams are open to everyone who fulfill the conditions, regardless of gender, skin color or religion
  • Examination regulations available on request for in-house training courses


Employees who need to lift and move critical loads and/or coordinate these works on a company property in installations, workshops or warehouses when carrying out lifting work.

Are considered a critical load:

  • Loads with an unknown center of gravity, which are bulky in shape or size and which do not have fixed defined stop points
  • Loads that need to be precisely positioned and therefore precisely applied must be attached exactly correctly
  • Loads that are taken over or in which there is an interaction between crane and building or between crane and crane
  • Loads that need to be lifted with several non-stationary lifting lifting equipment.

For employees that work in (petro)chemical industry, this exam must be taken in a recognized center.


Learning how to do it effectively and safely:

  • Rigging and moving loads
  • Pointing out loads by communicating with the operator of a lifting equipment


  • Theory introduction (30%) with many practical exercises (70%)
  • Theory exam
  • Practical exam
  • Every successful participant receives the Besacc-VCA IS-006 diploma: rigging critical loads
  • The diploma is personal-related and indicates the high-risk task the participant has passed.
  • The diploma is valid for 5 years and is registered online at http://besacc.epyc.eu/diploma.


The candidate can:

  • Indicate which loads are considered critical loads
  • List the risks when attaching and moving loads
  • Indicate the applicable laws and standards
  • List and explain the aspects of the inspections according to the regulations and according to VCA
  • Determining the basic characteristics of the load
  • Calculate the forces that occur in the lashing material
  • Explain the basic concepts related to load
  • Explain the basic concepts related to the lifting accessories and calculate the load in the lifting accessories
  • Indicate the legally required hand and arm signals
  • Explain the use of the different types of lifting equipment and lifting accessories, parts and assemblies, their application range and the advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain the maintenance, control and storage of the different types of lashing material
  • Correctly interpret the data that must appear on the different types of lashing material
  • Determining how a load can be safely attached, with different lifting materials and accessories, depending on the nature of the load
  • List various points for attention in the risk analysis for lifting work


  • Attach and correctly position a complex construction with a difficult-to-determine center of gravity
  • Tackling a heavy load with imbalance
  • Tighten an electric motor properly (do not use eyebolts), move it and place it on its foundation
  • Attaching a long load, straighten it and put it down correctly in a different direction
  • Guiding a load along a route


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