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Opleiding VCA Basisveiligheid (B-VCA) Engels

Get now your VCA BASIC diploma! 


vca engels praxis

VCA is a frequently used checklist/management system to promote a safe and healthy working environment.

Although it is not described anywhere in any law, VCA is considered a general standard for safety.

In the VCA basic course you get a bird's eye view of safety, health and welfare at work.

As the working conditions and risks may vary, the electrician should also know something about hazardous substances or the mechanic about fire and explosion.

VCA is NOT about the specific safety aspects of the own job. You fill this in via professional training and professional experience.

We conclude the training day with the official B-VCA exam, taken by an independently recognised VCA exam centre. 

With a VCA Basic diploma you prove the required basic knowledge of safety!


  • Theoretical training in preparation of the official VCA basic exam

  • Official Besacc VCA Basic Safety Handbook available in different languages
  • 50% more chance of success! For those who read the handbook BEFORE the exam
  • Written exam 
    • 40 multiple choice questions. You succeed if you get at least 28 out of 40
    • Taken from an independently recognized exam center
    • Oral or reading exam only on request
  • Possible in following languages : English, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • Praxis Training is not responsible for the content and results of the exams
  • Those who pass the exam receive the VCA Basic Safety diploma
    • VCA diploma is valid for 10 years
    • VCA diplomas are personal property


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